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This section contains:


  • a description of the characteristics of all the major green spaces by the zone in which they are located - Inner; Outer; Countryside or Industrial -
    (Click Green Audit map icon on right to see location of all the sites surveyed or click The Sites list below)


  • the report of the findings
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  • a selection of mapped data from the Stocksbridge Greenspace Geographic Information System (GIS)

These maps indicate the location of various land-cover and land-management types. Such data helps decision makers identify where further work on the individual greenspaces might, for instance, aid in the enhancement of urban biodiversity or of the recreational usefulness of areas of land. The information can be used to prioritise spanding and the use of scarce manpower.


The data contained here was gathered by a local ecologist, Jim Flanagan. He undertook this work for the SRB5 project undertaken by Sheffield Wildlife Trust working for Steel Valley Partnership, Stocksbridge District, Sheffield.


Green Audit Map

The SVP Geographic Information System

 Click map below to see names of all the Green Audit Sites on the interactive map of Stocksbridge

© SSVP and Map21Ltd, 2004 Click map to see names of all the Green Audit Sites in Stocksbridge

Click here to see some of the GIS maps being produced from the survey data

When the survey was carried out, it was not always clear who owned a particular site. If you think that the data are wrong, please let us know and we will put any errors right (email). It is important that the information on landownership is checked by anyone using the information contained here for any purpose. SVP, Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Jim Flanagan and the webmaster accept no legal or other responsibility for the accuracy of the data; users must always carry out their own checks.

Nobody should enter any of the privately owned sites listed here without seeking the permission of the owner. If in doubt, please talk to the SVP team in the Stocksbridge Centre.

The maps are all hand drawn and of varying levels of accuracy, but they give a clear idea of the vegetation types found on the sites in the year 2000. In general there have been few changes.

Some of the photographs taken at the time of the survey have reproduced badly and the SVP team would be pleased if local people have better digital images that could be included in this web presentation.

To access data for each site you can Navigate by using The Sites menu - which is on the right of each page. Or use the The Map below to bring up a clickable map with the names of all the greenspaces. Ther is a full Sites menu at the bottom of this page. To return to the first page of this website, click "Home Page" at top right of this page.

The greenspace survey (1999-2004)

Ash Lane/ New Road

Ash Lane / New Street

Belmont Drive 1

Belmont Drive 2

Bocking Hill

Bowling green

Carr Head

Co-op Society


Don Field

East & West Cres.

Edward Street 1

Edward Street 2

Edward Street 3

Gibson Lane


Haywood Lane

Hole House Brook

Manchester Rd 1

Manchester Rd 2

Manchester Rd 3

Manchester Rd 4

Manchester Rd 5

Manchester Rd 6

Manchester Rd/Newton Ave

Newton Ave/Churchill Rd

Pearson Street

Peggy Tub

Pot House Wood

Quarry Hill

Ridal Croft

Ridal Close

Rundle Road

Smith Road

Smithy Moor

Stocksbridge Clock Tower

Stocksbridge Fire Station

Stocksbridge Methodist Church

Stocksbridge United Reform Church

St John

Webb Avenue

Wilson Road

Wood Willows

Wortley Road

Armitage Road

Beechwood Road

Birch Tree Road

Bracken Moor

Broomfield Lane

Broomfield Road

Cedar Road 1

Cedar Road 2

Coal Pit Lane

Kenworthy Road

Glebelands Road

Green Street

Haywood Ave.

Heath/Fox Glen

Helliwell Court

Hollin Busk Lane

Pen Nook

The Royd

Royd/St Johns

Spink Hall

Stocksbridge High

Stocksbridge Infants

Stocksbridge Junior

Stone Moor Road

Stubbin Centre


Whitwell Lane

Wood Royd

Wood Royd Road

Unsliven road

Stone Moor

Stone Moor Rugby Field

St Mary's Bolsterstone

Common Lane


Manchester Road OS

Manchester Road Brownfiled Site 1

Manchester Road Brownfiled Site 2

Little Don allotments

Little Don OS

Station Road OS

More Hall Tip

Bracken Moor - playing fields

Dog Lichen Field

East Whitwell - open space

Ellen Cliff Wood

Exchange Sidings

Hen Holmes Wood

Knoll Top

Little Don - acid heath

Little Don - open space

Oxley Park

Townend Common

Wood Royd










Maps of greenspace survey data - derived from the Stocksbridge District GIS


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