Site name: Pot House Wood north of Alpine Road

Zone: Inner Zone

Land owner: Part SCC Leisure Services, Alpine Lodge Nursing Home & second private owner

Date of survey: 25-Feb-00

Current management: No management currently - site disturbed due to old person's home development requiring stabilisation of east side of valley and sewer works by Yorkshire Water.

Proposed management: Some native tree and shrub planting (tree & shrub planting). Remove garden and other rubbish. Partial stream restoration or pond?


Date of Visual Survey - Aug 2004

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The ideas and possibilities outlined below are designed to help members of the local community as they think about what could happen on this site. Nothing is fixed and alternative solutions may well emerge over the coming decade - it is for the local community to decide and enable it to happen.


Visual Attributes - update 2004

This area of dense, mixed woodland runs down from Alpine Road to Bowden’s garage at the end of Coronation Road. Nettles surround a well-kept path which passes down the west side of the wood and backs onto the gardens of the adjacent housing. A strip of ground halfway down this path has been planted unsuccessfully with species such as buddleia, euonymus and hebe, which have not survived the dense shade. A fenced off concrete area above the garage houses a water main. The woodland above this rises steeply to Alpine Road and Alpine Lodge Nursing Home to the southeast of the site.


The dense planting, steep banking and water main deter use of most of the woodland and the trees next to the paths may create a threatening environment for pedestrians, especially after dark.

Activities that the site supports at present

The path through the site is used regularly. An informal, muddy path has been created near the road by people dumping garden waste.



Activities that could be supported in the future

Adventurous play could be encouraged on the site, exploiting the natural topography and woodland. A significant amount of tree thinning and clearance of nettles and other invasive plants would be required. Additional paths would make the site more accessible.

The charts below have a colour next the description if anything in the list, which was used to identify the whole range of possibilities for Stocksbridge, occurs on this site.



found 2002

aim by 2012

found 2002

aim by 2012

Amenity Grassland

Mosses and Bryophytes


Amenity Shrubs

Heath Land

Amenity Tree Planting


Amenity Flower Beds

Open Water

Amenity Hedges

Running Water

Rough Grassland


Cultivated/Disturbed Land


Acid Grassland

Bare Earth/Erosion


Marshy Grassland


Trees Broadleaf




Trees Coniferous (Larch)



Trees Mixed

Invasive Species



Other (Please state)

Tall Herbs


Deadwood, standing & fallen


Low Herbs and Shrubs (Native)


Amenity Bulb Planting




found 2002

aim by 2012

found 2002

aim by 2012



Formal Pitches


Formal Play Area


Car Park




Picnic Area

Desire Lines

Art Work

Motor Cycling

Dog Walking Area

Car Driving


Car Parking

Footpath Network


Damaged Bollards/Fences




Cycle Paths


Trim Track

Litter (small)


Litter Bins

Fly Tipping


Dog Waste Bins

Burnt Out Cars

Formal Off-road Area



Hanging Around


Alcohol Drinking


Drug Taking

Interpretive Signs

Dog Mess

Hard Surfaces


Quiet Contemplation

Other (please state)

Sun Bathing

Informal Play (state)

Other Informal Uses (state)

Dumping of garden rubbish




Stocksbridge SRB5 Greenspace Audit undertaken by Jim Flanagan for Sheffield Wildlife Trust - see their Community Action Handbook - full of good ideas for your local site e Audit undertaken by Jim Flanagan for Sheffield Wildlife Trust - see their Community Action Handbook - full of good ideas for your local site

Ash Lane/ New Road

Ash Lane / New Street

Belmont Drive 1

Belmont Drive 2

Bocking Hill

Bowling green

Carr Head


Don Field

East & West Cres.

Edward Street 1

Edward Street 2

Edward Street 3

Gibson Lane


Haywood Lane

Hole House Brook

Manchester Rd 1

Manchester Rd 2

Manchester Rd 3

Manchester Rd 4

Manchester Rd 5

Manchester Rd 6

Manchester Rd/Newton Ave

Newton Ave/Churchill Rd

Pearson Street

Peggy Tub

Pot House Wood

Quarry Hill

Ridal Croft

Ridal Close

Rundle Road

Smith Road

Smithy Moor

Stocksbridge Clock Tower

Stocksbridge Fire Station

Stocksbridge Methodist Church

Stocksbridge United Reform Church

St John

Webb Avenue

Wilson Road

Wood Willows

Wortley Road

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