Children's Play in Stocksbridge Housing Areas - how can we make the area around the home more supportive of children's needs

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The sheets have been prepared to show how planning and designing for children's play is about more than providing playgrounds and equipment. It is about creating places that children like and where they feel happy and safe.

Providing opportunities for children to play near the home is about making the environment around the home sufficiently fascinating and supportive so that children want to use it as a play resource and so can play safely.

For more about the needs of children as users of greenspace and how we could design for them, see also the webpages on Children's Play in Housing areas by Anne Beer.

For information about involving children in the planning process see:

Child friendly cities - UNICEF

The Children and Young people's strategy for London

Children and planning - the American experience







Places for creative play

Places for imaginative play

Home Zones and play

Quiet places for play

Play on hard surfaces

A Play Checklist


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