How to go about getting specific projects going and how to get help

Use the links on the right to access over 65 pages of ideas on how to get a green space improvement project going and how to keep it going. There is information on small projects requiring few resources, but the community needs to work together to make it happen. There is also information on more ambitious projects which will require local people to work with the Steel Valley Project (SVP) or the City's Greenspace Managers.

Before starting any project - no matter how small - you must check with and get written permission from the Steel Valley Project as well as the relevant City department (ask SVP for a contact name) and the land owner (when this is not known talk to the SVP team about what to do).


Helping - how to get involved

Contact Matt North, Project Manager of the Steel Valley Project, to discuss what you would like to do with your local open space and how to go about it.  You can do this as an individual or you can try to get a group of people from your local community together to discuss what you would like to see done. 

Look at the information on this website that relates to your local open space (click the Greenspaces button at the top of the page and navigate to the specific information about your local greenspace). See whether you agree with the information we have gathered, but if not, discuss alternative suggestions; then let us know and we can work with you to modify or correct the information on these web pages.

Work out what you would like to see happening on your greenspace over the next few years - you can do this by using the information on the feasibility of projects which can be accessed by clicking the main subject areas listed in the right-hand column of this web page.

Note 1 - If the site you want to improve is not owned by Sheffield City, contact the Project Manager at the Steel Valley Project to discuss how to develop and gain funding for your proposed project.

Note 2 - If the site is owned by Sheffield City, read the information below and contact the appropriate city official as detailed below.

For a Public Open Space managed by Parks, Woodlands and Countryside (PWC), contact:

  •  Melvyn Riley on maintenance issues
  • Jill Missen on improving a site and regeneration (ranging from benches to trees, to new playgrounds, etc.)
  • the Community Team on starting up a Friend's Group, and for information on grants available.

All at Meersbrook Park, Brook Road, Sheffield S8 9FL; tel: 0114 27500500

For general issues and regeneration, contact:

  • Anne Blantern, Area Co-ordinator, tel: 0114 2037152

A group wishing to improve a PWC site should contact one of the above direct for advice and guidance. All improvements are subject to their approval, as PWC has responsibility for maintaining the sites and for health and safety issues.

Funding applications need to incorporate a sum for the establishment/maintenance of the new facilities proposed, for five years from the date of installation; this amounts to approximately 15% of the total cost of the site work.

Any improvements to parks need to be carefully designed, which may involve outside consultants or in-house designers, depending on the project. In both cases, fees amounting to approximately 10% of the total cost of the site work would be involved. This fee would cover the design, construction details, specification, bill of quantities, health and safety, contract and project management and supervision on site.

Several parks are held in trust, for example, Oxley Park, and it is necessary to seek consent from the Charity Commission before any construction or changes to the park.

It may also be necessary to seek planning permission for proposed facilities, such as major eath moving, change of use, tall structures and flood lighting. There is a cost for this, but this can be included in a funding application.

Any new proposals need community support, not just the group involved and the PWC insists on public consultation to make sure that everyone is included and aware of the new proposals. For a major play facility the PWC would expect local schools and youth service to be consulted, as well as the general public. This would normally take the form of a display with a questionnaire, or the involvement of artists who could run workshops with the school and community, depending of the funds available.















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