Steel Valley - Heritage Trails Network


A new project which started in 2004
Main aims and objectives

  • To design and develop a network of 11 circular walks in and around the Upper Don area of North Sheffield, encompassing a variety of landscapes of rich historical importance and based around unifying interpretational theme (click on map in right hand column).
  • To link the trails network into established national and local trails, such as the Trans Pennine Trail (including Sustrans), the Upper Don Way and the Barnsley Boundary Walk.
  • Improve and encourage access for all, whilst also promoting personal safety, environmental concerns and sustainable tourism, without interfering with sensitive ecological and archaeological areas.  Achievable through working closely with landowners, authoritative advisors and identified user groups.
  • Engage the local service infrastructure (pubs, restaurants, transport and shops) into the trails network and involve all local interests in all stages of the project’s development.
  • Form and/or develop links with locally and regionally based access forums (of a variety of user groups) to trial the network proposals and to ensure the implementation of the advice of landowners and public rights of way professionals.
  • Provide publications, interpretative material and develop a programme of guided walks, talks and events to highlight the human and natural history, as well as strengthening the historical identity of the area and engendering a collective sense of place.
  • Contribute to educational curricula at all participatory levels through the provision of specialist advice and materials for staff and students.
  • Enhancing the visitors’ experiences of the area through the introduction of trail furniture, interpretation boards, commissioned art works and way markers, that are in keeping with the characteristics of the area.
  • Implement ongoing management systems to minimise damage and disturbance by unauthorised users and to maintain the route so that visitor safety and ecological protection is of paramount concern.
  • Seek and consider advice upon the potential restoration of selected heritage features to enhance their heritage value.

Further information about this project will be added in due course.

Heritage Trails map

Project assessment criteria

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