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Sheffield greenspaces

Sheffield City's official city website on parks and open spaces -

Advice on how any community group in Sheffield can get involved in work to enhance local greenspaces

Enabling local people to take an active part in the enhancement of their community - UK govt. advice on getting help and examples of good practice

History and character of greenspace in Sheffield

An Atlas of Sheffield's greenspaces

Biodiversity in Urban Gardens (BUGS) - report on a Sheffield-based study into the value of the domestic garden as a support for biodiversity in urban areas.

Aspects of Sheffield's history from 1815 onwards - the General Cemetery Greenspace


General information on planning and designing greenspace  

Making spaces into places - considerations involved in developing design briefs

Project for Public Spaces - an excellent on-line resource for those involved in making places for their community to use - including greenspace design

Doorstep greenspaces - how to improve them

Regenerating greenspace in high density housing Scandinavian examples

National information on Green Space

National award system for greenspaces and parks

Heritage Lottery Fund they have a publication on Wild Life in the city which you can downlaod from their website - it is full of useful ideas about community involvement in enhancing and preserving wildlife habitats

CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) greenspace publications available as downloads:

  • Start with the park: green space in housing - July 2005
  • Decent parks? Decent behaviour? The link between the quality of parks and user behaviour - May 2005
  • Does money grow on trees?: good greenspaces and economic success - March 2005
  • What are we scared of? The value of risk in designing public space - February 2005
  • Policy Note: Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour in Public Spaces - November 2004
  • Green Space Strategies: a good practice guide - May 2004
  • A Guide to Producing Parks and Green Space Management Plans - May 2004
  • Is the grass greener?...Learning from international innovations in urban green space management - July 2004
  • Involving Young People in the Design and Care of Urban Spaces - May 2004

Planning for Real - information packs on how to re-plan your neighbourhood - for children and adults

Residential areas - making Home Zones

The environmental resource site for South Yorkshire

Greenspace in Scotland - full of useful information and ideas

Government advice 

Government guidance

  • Safer places: the planning system and crime prevention   Published: 28 April 2004.
  • Planning policy statement 1 (pps1) - creating sustainable communities

Advice on town planning issues

Information about your area from the National Statistics - go to this page and then fill in your postcode

Other greenspace advice

Sheffield Wildlife Trust - Community Handbook

City Farms

Children in urban areas

Child friendly cities - UNICEF

The Children's and Young People's Strategy - London

Children's play council

Planning for play in housing areas - designing settings for children's play

Health in urban areas

Planning for healthy lives in urban areas- WHO

How to make more of your garden

How to make wildlife gardens -guidance from the Royal Horticultural Society and the BBC's information on how to garden for wildlife

Organic gardening and the BBC inormation on how to go organic

Stocksbridge SRB5 Greenspace Audit undertaken by Jim Flanagan for Sheffield Wildlife Trust - see their Community Action Handbook - full of good ideas for your local site






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