Less able-bodied people

Older and less able-bodied people in Stocksbridge Housing Areas - how can we make the area around the home more supportive of the needs of those who cannot move around as easily as the majority, whether as a result of the aging process or because of suffering a level of disability.

Working out what we can do to make the area near the home a better place for those who cannot move around easily

Easy access to usable external spaces near the home is probably more important for those who cannot move around easily than for any other group in society, except children. In order to make outdoor spaces accessible and a delight to use, it is necessary:

  • to understand the range of difficulties people with varying levels of physical and mental impairment can experience and how these can result in barriers to the use of green and other open public spaces
  • to describe the characteristics of the spaces that need to be provided and their distance from the home
  • to look at the potential of all local spaces to be redesigned to provide the required spatial characteristics and facilities

All the objects (walls, gates, fences, changes in level, etc.) need to be designed sympathetically to encourage use of outdoor spaces - not create barriers for use. Local communities working to enhance their local green spaces should always try to work with those in their local community who have disabilities: understanding the issues makes it possible to work effectively together and allows imagination in the planning and designing of outdoor spaces, particularly green spaces, near the home. Any existing environment can be changed to become a better place to live in if we recognise the opportunities of the site and the needs of the users, and set about making a programme for effective changes.










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