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The Steel Valley Greenspace Project - regeneration of the existing green spaces within the built-up area

Which green spaces is SVP concerned with?

Until recently The Steel Valley Project (SVP) team has concentrated on areas of open space outside the built-up area of Stocksbridge, those areas of particular ecological value, as well as the new and mature woodlands. Initially the work involved planting woodland and tidying up derelict areas of greenspace. However, it has gradually evolved into work which aims to enhance nature and wildlife, as well as the attractiveness of the landscape in the town for the enjoyment of local people.

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The greenspace survey (1999-2004)

Stocksbridge is set in an area of very attractive landscape. However, many of the small local green spaces within and adjacent to the housing and industrial areas are in a poor state. They do little to enhance the local quality of life.

Such spaces are now a major focus of interest for the Steel Valley Project. For this reason a very detailed survey of all the green spaces has been undertaken over the past four years. The survey work presented in these web pages was commissioned by the SVP and funded from a variety of sources, including the Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City and the South Yorkshire Forest. The work was undertaken by an ecologist and a landscape specialist, both of whom are local people living in Stocksbridge.

The next stage

The next stage is to decide what to do with the green spaces and for that the help of the local peoiple is needed. On this website you can look at what we have found out about your local green spaces and you can see some suggestions as to what could be done within each space to enhance it. The suggestions are just to get the local community talking and thinking about their green spaces; but it is up to local people to decide what they want to do.

It is up to individuals to get together with other members of their local community and decide what to do and how to approach the project that interests them.
Then ask the Steel Valley Project team for advice and help in getting started (use th email button at the bottom of the page.

Making change happen - Support is available

To get things moving and enhance the green spaces in the built-up areas of Stocksbridge, the Steel Valley Project has identified various forms of help for local community groups:

  • there is information on this website showing what is involved in implementing specific projects (for instance, making a wildflower garden, planting an area of trees and shrubs, or making a play feature, and lots of other small and large-scale projects)
  • funding, which can be applied for from various sources: Sheffield City Council and other public bodies such as South Yorkshire Forest, Yorkshire Forward, Countryside Agency, as well as on occasion from private businesses
  • skills development training, which is available to local people wanting to work on their local landscapes and enhance them for their community

Local green space projects which aim to benefit the local population and visitors to the area can be supported. Schemes can be undertaken to:

  • enhance the level of biodiversity - through changes in the management of the existing land cover (woodlands, shrub areas, rough grass areas, mown areas, wetland and water courses)
    enhance the visual attributes and so improve the overall appearance of the green spaces and built-up areas of town
    add to the recreational potential of the local landscape (by making pathways which encourage walking - for health and pleasure)







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