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What is the Steel Valley Project?

The Steel Valley Project started in 1988


The Steel Valley Project has been in existence since 1988. It has successfully undertaken a very wide range of landscape and greenspace enhancement projects within Stocksbridge. These have already done much to help the regeneration of this town of over 13,000 people living in the northern part of Sheffield City.
Stocksbridge Steel Valley Project has been a partnership between CORUS Engineering Steels (previously British Steel) and local authorities in the area: Stocksbridge Town Council, Sheffield City Council and Bradfield Parish Council. With their support, funding is generated from interested organizations, for example, funding has come from the South Yorkshire Community Forest and the Countryside Agency as well as the various governmental and EU funding sources. These finds have allowed the SVP team to develop and manage environmental projects in the area.

location of Stocksbridge

The work of the Project can be described as:

• encouraging access to the countryside through guided walks, producing leaflets on local walks and practical management of footpaths in partnership with local organizations.

• working with local schools and groups to provide help and advice in order to encourage people to understand and care for their local environment. Educational work is not confined to schools, but is available to anybody interested through organized events and activities.

• managing, creating and enhancing habitats for wildlife and people. These can be woodlands, wetlands such as rivers, ponds, grasslands or features such as dry stone walls and hedges. Landowners or local community groups can also go to the Project for advice on such work, including sources of grants to pay for it.

• the Steel Valley Project is also able to provide training in a wide range of countryside management skills. These are available to groups wanting to take on tasks, as well as to individuals who wish to volunteer,or trainees on the New Deal Training Scheme.

The Steel Valley Project team is dedicated to:

Enhancing the sustainability of the urban area by:
• making the landscape of the green spaces more attractive
• raising biodiversity levels where appropriate through adding new habitats and enhancing those that already exist.

Making Stocksbridge an even better place in which to live by utilising local resources:
• the local people and their communities
• the green spaces which have been left as open land as the town has expanded
• the proximity to high quality landscapes, which are visible from a very high proportion of homes, because of the valley form.

• Developing the historical potential of the local landscape as a resource both for local people and visitors by:
• setting up a Heritage Trail
• opening up a footpath and cycle track system to link the features of historic and landscape interest

Utilising the high quality countryside landscapes and the improving urban landscapes for recreation activities, so as to:
• encourage people to walk and cycle for recreation and as they move to and from work and school, and to the shops and local social facilities.

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